What Is This

Exact Match is a PPC Conference Like No Other.

Here is what makes the conference unique:

  • No Bullshit Talks: Hard-Core, High Quality Content.
  • Sessions Clearly Differentiated “Beginner,” “Intermediate” or “Advanced”
  • All attendees are speakers: only come if you’re prepared to give a quick talk on one aspect of PPC or Agency life
  • Exotic Location (Buenos Aires, Argentina) Get To Meet In Person PPCs from the PPC Club 83
  • Spend Days or Weeks Afterwards Hanging Out Informally With The Rest Of Us

In other words, it’s for PPCs who are not NPCs.

Sound interesting? Drop us a line to learn more

Who is behind it? The PPC Club 83 community, which is sponsored by Hellbent Digital and PPC Certification.