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Conference 2022

What have we been up to?

We’ve been listening

With 10 speakers presenting on topics ranging from PPC Automation Stack to Google Tag Management, the 2022 [Exact Match] Conference was the first of its kind. Horizontally structured, all speakers were also fellow participants. No lecturing from above, but rather a series of focused, intimate conversations resulting in tangible takeaways and meaningful relationships.

We’ve been learning

From lessons in Facebook clustering to the optimization of in-steam ads on Youtube, our speakers imparted their wisdom and industry secrets upon us in their respective specializations. Our professionally diverse group of attendees certainly didn’t disappoint in delivering specific, high-value, actionable presentations that ameliorated our skills in the infinitely vast subfields of PPC. Our 2022 conference was executed precisely according to our community motto: “By, For, and Of PPCs.” You can check out our last year’s agenda here.

“We had really dynamic conversations that are unusual to have and could never be replicated online.”

And of course… We’ve been having fun!

What is a professional conference without a little fun? We wouldn’t know. At the [Exact Match] Conference 2022, we stayed true to our core values: people come first. Through networking opportunities, social events, catered group breakfasts, meet-and-greet introduction, and more, we place people above all else. After all, our Off the Record Heart-to-Heart, this year themed around the question “What’s your biggest [professional] struggle right now?”, is where much of the magic happened.

We even did our own photoshoot inspired by this masterpiece

We wanted to share a fun moment and create a memory for everyone- so we re-created Rembrandt’s famous “Anatomy Lesson” as this is how we feel like when we have to dissect PPCing to the core. We even had a wardrobe designer with us!

And there’s no shortage of activities like these

Our Featured Speakers

Meet our awesome speakers from [Exact Match] 2022

Head of Marketing for Contractor Independence,

CEO and Founder of Yugo Media

CEO and Founder of Yugo Media

Performance Marketing Strategist at metadata.io and CEO at Understory Agency

CEO at Serendipity Ventures

Director of Paid Operations at Taikun

Owner at Steve Ward Media and sailATX

Founder and CEO at Growth Galaxy

Principal Consultant at CommonMind

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Check out our Google Drive, inclusive of the 2022 conference itinerary, logistical information, and more.

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