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October 23-27, 2023

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You’ve been to all the conferences and they were great. But you want even more meat on the bone and even better networking.

Conferences are awesome, when they’re done well. But they’re hard to do well, especially when they scale. The solution? Let’s return to our roots and do small but high-quality, awesome conferences, and let’s do one with one specific focus: PPC.

The heart of any conference is the talks. Only subtle, insightful talks at [Exact Match].

What’s the problem with talks at most conferences? They’re just the same generic points that everyone knows. Imagine a conference that’s smaller but with a higher caliber of talks… and that marks “Beginner” talks as such, so you know if it’s for you or not.

But conferences only start with the talks. You want to build your network of PPC’s as well, the conference is built around the networking.

Now imagine that conference, but with the people who attend being exceptionally high-quality. Yup, that’s right: that’s what happens when the conference is put together by members of the PPC Club 83.

[Exact Match] is an Intimate conference. Small sessions that aren’t just speeches, but small conversations with really smart people.

“Conferences” tend to be one-way: the genius speaker lecturing the humble people. But we have an opposite approach: let’s make it a conversation.

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