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Why this conference?

Read through the site, and you’ll see how we’re different than the others; you should feel it. And the same from the PPC community sponsoring it. If you’re still not convinced, then the conference isn’t for you. If you’re on the border, I’ll point out: our objective isn’t just higher-quality learning about PPC–but to enjoy ourselves, as humans: to have fun, to look each other in the eye, get to know each other, to build relationships–and to build memories. This philosophy permeates everything about the conference. Plus, for the self-employed or boss, it’s a way to write off the exotic trip you’ve always wanted to take!

Have any questions? Last minute doubts?

We’re friendly. We’re human, or at least we try to be. And we have a sense of humor. So just reach out, say hi, ask us anything. We’re happy to have a Zoom, tell you more, answer any questions. Let’s have a virtual beer!