So you can get a sense of the types of talks you’ll hear, here are a few of the talks we’re seriously considering. All talks will likely be along these lines:

  • The Secrets to Performance Max
  • Non-obvious Conversion Testing Strategies
  • A PPC’s Intro to Programmatic Advertising
  • Local Search Ads: Strategies & The Future
  • Niche Specialization: How to PPC For Lawyers
  • How to make your clients fall in love with working with your agency
  • A PPC’s Armory: What Tools You Need & What Tools To Avoid
  • How To Manage PPCs
  • How to Find PPCs to Hire

Subtle topics.

The heart of any conference is the talks. But a challenge all conferences have is they need to cater to the lowest common denominator. We’re trying a different approach, building a conference from the ground-up, rethinking the idea of a conference, focusing on only having high-quality talks. No more “There are three types of keywords…” here!

Intimate sessions.

How are we making the talks so high quality? Easy: small sessions, with only high-quality participant-speakers. No lecturing from podiums while everyone yawns, but small, focused groups, engaging on different topics.

Conversations, not yawns.

The conversational aspect of the conference is key. The speakers are the participants but more than that–each talk isn’t a high and mighty lecture from above, but a conversations where the participants will interrupt take the conversation together to interesting and surprising places.