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[Exact Match]

Un-Conference 2023

Looking to elevate your career in PPC? Join us for our 2023 Un-Conference on October 23rd to 27th. By, For, and Of PPC’s.


What is [Exact Match] Un-Conference?

For PPC’s looking to elevate their careers, [Exact Match] Un-Conference brings together the best and brightest for intimate learning sessions both led and attended by our participants. Backed by past years’ participants and speakers, our innovative approach at un-conferencing speaks for itself.

A Blast to the Past

We believe in [Exact Match] Conferences because we know they work, and so do our attendees. Want to hear more from past speakers and participants on the ways in which our programming advanced their careers? Check out our [Exact Match] Conference 2022 below.

[Exact Match] Conference 2022

The Game Plan in 2023

Packed with the same amount of learning, networking, and fun as last year, our 2023 Un-Conference’s agenda is much more relaxed, we are gonna have a full day of discussing, bringing insight to and from PPC’s, and after we will co-work for the week, facilitating group brainstorms, networking events, and more. We will of course have a big social calendar with lots of suggestions for you to make the most of your time in Buenos Aires. Click below to register!


The Logistical Stuff

We know that the hardest part of taking that next step is all of the logistical planning. That’s why we did it for you. Complete with information ranging from our best hotel recommendations to airport transportation logistics to where you can get the best vegan food in town, we have you covered. Explore below for more information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do tickets cost?2023-08-17T16:53:03-04:00

The 2023 Un-Conference is free! Yes, actually free. You do not have to purchase a ticket to this event, simply sign up for updates regarding the conference and RSVP when we send you the link.

By when do I need to RSVP?2023-08-17T16:52:07-04:00

While you don’t need to purchase tickets, you will need to RSVP so we know you are coming and can plan our programming accordingly. You will need to confirm your attendance by 15 September 2023 at 23:59 ART.

Do I have to come for the exact timeline outlined in the logistics section?2023-08-17T16:51:11-04:00

Our programming will occur according to the timeline outlined in the agenda, but because all participants will be securing their own accommodation, you can of course stay as long as you please. At the culmination of the Un-Conference, we will provide you with recommendations on what to see/do/eat and more should you choose to remain in Buenos Aires beyond the duration of the program.

Can I bring someone with me?2023-08-17T16:50:22-04:00

Of course! As a group of friends, who also all happen to work in PPC, meeting up informally in Buenos Aires, we welcome everyone- the more the merrier here.

Will there be someone available to help me when I arrive in Buenos Aires?2023-08-17T16:49:36-04:00

Yes, our Event Manager, Marina, will be available via phone and email to help make your arrival, departure, and everything in between as smooth as possible! You can find her email address listed below.

What if I RSVP but cannot come anymore?2023-08-17T16:48:47-04:00

We understand that things come up in life. Just let us know as soon as possible!

Is there funding available to help cover the costs of my trip?2023-08-17T16:47:41-04:00

The [Exact Match] Un-Conference is a group of friends and PPCs getting together to talk about what we love. While we wish we had the budget to pay for everyone in the world to come, we’re all just covering our own costs.

Have more questions? We encourage you to reach out to our Event Manager, Marina Serruya at marina.serruya.ppc@gmail.com any time.

Are you ready to take your PPC career to the next level?

Join us for this year’s Un-Conference.

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